Fancy woven fabric 100% Polyester – N280
Fancy woven fabric 100% Polyester – N280
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Fancy woven fabric 100% Polyester – N280

Introducing the N280: Premium 100% Polyester fancy woven fabric, optimized for durability with a GSM of 280. Ideal width of 142cm. Engineered for longevity with exceptional abrasion resistance over 30,000 cycles.

Items N280
Fabric Type Fancy woven
Specification Fancy woven fabric
Composition 100% Polyester
Fabric Width in CM
Rubbing Fastness (Dry) 5
Rubbing Fastness (Wet) 5
Light Fastness 4
Pilling Fastness (20000) 4
Abrasion Test 30,000 +

N280 Fancy Woven Fabric Specification

Item Code – N280

This unique identifier differentiates it from other fabrics, ensuring clarity in order selection and delivery.

Fabric Type – Fancy Woven

A fabric classification denoting intricate weaving patterns, ensuring a texture and appearance that stands out in any application.

Specification – Fancy Woven Fabric

A detailed descriptor reiterating the premium weave style, emphasizing the superior quality inherent to this fabric variant.

Composition – 100% Polyester

The fabric’s entire makeup is pure polyester, guaranteeing both longevity and a pristine finish that appeals to even the most discerning clientele.

Width – 142 cm

At this generous span, it provides ample coverage, making it perfect for a wide range of projects, from fashion to home decor.

GSM – 280

This metric refers to the fabric’s weight, striking a perfect equilibrium between durability and ease of use. A balanced GSM like 280 ensures that the fabric is robust enough for demanding applications yet remains pliable.

Rubbing Fastness (Dry/Wet) – 5

These scores are paramount for both manufacturers and end-users. A rating of 5, the peak of the scale, guarantees minimal color loss, be it in dry or wet conditions, ensuring the fabric’s aesthetics remain consistent over time.

Light Fastness – 4

Light can degrade fabric quality over time. With a commendable score of 4, users can be confident that the fabric will retain its vibrancy, even after extended exposure.

Pilling Fastness (20,000 cycles) – 4

This metric indicates the fabric’s resistance to the formation of small bobbles. With a strong score after 20,000 cycles, it promises a consistently smooth texture, even after extensive use.

Abrasion Test – 30,000+ rubs

Durability is crucial, especially for fabrics used frequently. A result of 30,000+ rubs indicates a fabric built to withstand regular wear and tear, making it ideal for high-use scenarios.

In essence, the N280 Fancy Woven Fabric isn’t just another fabric; it’s a product of meticulous crafting and an embodiment of textile brilliance.

Fancy woven fabric manufacturer in china

Alnassaj stands as a beacon of excellence in the heart of China’s bustling textile industry.

As pioneers in the realm of fancy woven fabric production, we at Alnassaj have meticulously honed our craft to deliver unparalleled quality and design.

Our expansive manufacturing facilities utilize cutting-edge technology and techniques to ensure each fabric roll mirrors our commitment to finesse. Beyond our borders, Alnassaj has proudly positioned itself as a global export leader, catering to discerning clients worldwide.

Our reputation isn’t just anchored in delivering premium fabrics; it’s in the trust and partnerships we’ve cultivated with international businesses who recognize and value the unparalleled superiority of our products.

With Alnassaj, you’re not just importing fabric from China, you’re importing a legacy of craftsmanship and distinction

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