Fancy woven fabric 100% Polyester – M9040
Fancy woven fabric 100% Polyester – M9040
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Fancy woven fabric 100% Polyester – M9040

M9040 is a high-quality fancy woven fabric made from 100% polyester. It has a width of 142 centimeters and a GSM of 360. The fabric is finished with a rubbing fastness of 5 (dry) and 4–5 (wet), a light fastness of 4, a pilling fastness of 5 (20000 rubs), and an abrasion test of 70,000 + rubs

Items M9040
Fabric Type Fancy woven
Composition 100% Polyester
Fabric Width in CM
Rubbing Fastness (Dry) 5
Rubbing Fastness (Wet) 4–5
Light Fastness 4
Pilling Fastness (20000) 5
Abrasion Test  70,000 + Rubs

M9040 Woven Fabric Specification

Fabric Type (Fancy Woven)

This refers to the weaving technique used to create the fabric. Fancy weaving typically involves more intricate patterns and designs, making the fabric visually appealing and suitable for various decorative and fashion applications.

Composition (100% Polyester)

This indicates that the fabric is made entirely of polyester fibers. Polyester is known for its durability, wrinkle resistance, and ease of care, making it a popular choice for various applications.

Fabric Width (142 cm)

This measurement specifies the width of the fabric in centimeters. It helps customers determine how much fabric they need for their specific projects.

GSM (Grams per Square Meter – 360)

GSM measures the weight of the fabric per square meter. In this case, the M9040 fabric weighs 360 grams for every square meter. A higher GSM typically indicates a denser and heavier fabric.


This section provides information about the fabric’s performance and durability characteristics:

    • Rubbing Fastness (Dry – 5): Dry rubbing fastness indicates the fabric’s ability to resist color transfer or damage when rubbed in a dry state. A rating of 5 signifies excellent resistance, meaning the fabric maintains its appearance even when rubbed vigorously.
    • Rubbing Fastness (Wet – 4-5): Wet rubbing fastness measures the fabric’s resistance to color transfer or damage when rubbed with a wet cloth. A rating of 4-5 indicates that the fabric remains relatively unaffected by wet rubbing, making it suitable for environments where moisture exposure may occur.
    • Light Fastness (4): Light fastness measures the fabric’s ability to retain its color and resist fading when exposed to sunlight or artificial light. A rating of 4 indicates good light resistance, ensuring that the fabric’s colors remain vibrant over time.
    • Pilling Fastness (20000 – 5): Pilling fastness evaluates the fabric’s resistance to the formation of small fabric balls or pills on its surface, which can detract from its appearance. A rating of 5 demonstrates excellent resistance to pilling, ensuring a smooth and attractive surface.
    • Abrasion Test (70,000+ Rubs): The abrasion test determines how well the fabric withstands wear and tear caused by rubbing or friction. The M9040 fabric excels in this test, with a capacity to endure more than 70,000 rubs without showing signs of damage, making it a durable choice for applications with high levels of use.

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