Chenille Fabric 100% Polyester – M8099
Chenille Fabric 100% Polyester – M8099
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Chenille Fabric 100% Polyester – M8099

Step into a world of elegance with Yarn Dyed Designed Chenille M8099. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a 100% polyester composition, this fabric exudes luxury and sophistication. Its versatile nature makes it ideal for upholstering high-end furniture and furnishings, elevating your living spaces to new heights of grandeur.

Items M8099
Fabric Type Chenille
Specification Yarn dyed Designed Chenille
Composition 100% Polyester
Fabric Width in CM
Rubbing Fastness (Dry) 5
Rubbing Fastness (Wet) 4–5
Light Fastness 4
Pilling Fastness (20000) 4
Abrasion Resistance 8099A – 45,000 Color Change & 60,000 Break down

8099B – 80,000 Color Change & 1,00,000+ Break down

Product Specification: M8099 Chenille Fabric

Fabric Type (Chenille)

Chenille is a fabric known for its soft and plush texture, making it an excellent choice for comfortable upholstery and decorative applications.

Specification (Yarn Dyed Designed Chenille)

This fabric is characterized as “Yarn Dyed Designed Chenille,” indicating that it undergoes a yarn dyeing process before weaving, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting patterns.

Composition (100% Polyester)

The fabric is composed entirely of 100% Polyester, a synthetic fiber valued for its durability, wrinkle resistance, and ease of maintenance.

Fabric Width in CM (142)

With a width of 142 centimeters, this fabric provides generous coverage, reducing the need for seams in your projects.

GSM (Grams per Square Meter) (410-A, 380-B)

This fabric offers two variations in GSM (Grams per Square Meter) – 410 GSM for variant A and 380 GSM for variant B. GSM measures the weight and thickness of the fabric, allowing you to choose the appropriate weight for your project.

Rubbing Fastness (Dry) (5)

This rating of 5 for dry rubbing fastness indicates the fabric’s exceptional resistance to color transfer or damage caused by friction. It remains visually appealing even with frequent contact.

Rubbing Fastness (Wet) (4–5)

For wet rubbing fastness, the fabric achieves a rating of 4 to 5, demonstrating its ability to resist color changes even when exposed to moisture. This ensures color stability in various conditions, including wet environments.

Light Fastness (4)

With a light fastness rating of 4, the fabric retains its color vibrancy when exposed to light, maintaining its visual appeal even in well-lit spaces.

Pilling Fastness (20000) (4)

The fabric exhibits reliable pilling resistance, with a rating of 4 for 20,000 cycles. This indicates minimal pilling, even with extended use, preserving the fabric’s pristine appearance and luxurious texture.

Abrasion Resistance 

The fabric showcases excellent abrasion resistance. Variant 8099A offers 45,000 cycles before color change and 60,000 cycles before breakdown. In contrast, variant 8099B offers even higher durability, with 80,000 cycles before color change and over 1,00,000 cycles before breakdown.

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