Factors to Consider When Selecting Curtain Fabric Width

Factors to Consider When Selecting Curtain Fabric Width
Sheer Curtain Fabric

If you run a business on drapery fabrics, you should know better how wide curtain fabric is when the customer asks for it and how big a piece is for a full drop on different window widths. Store-bought curtains are typically quite expensive and come in limited options, making custom drapes a popular choice for many homeowners. Store owners offer a larger selection of fabric widths in order to serve those wanting to make their own custom window treatments. This article is here to help you tackle the important issues in curtain fabric width. Whether it’s visualizing how those curtains will hang down or making sure you measure up windows just right (math is hard), we have all the details to get you stocking the right fabrics to keep the ideas flowing and those spaces looking their best!

Knowing the Width of Curtain Fabric

Above all, what did the Width of the Curtain Fabric mean?

Knowing the width of the fabric in a curtain is an important factor to consider when you are making a curtain, as you need it to be full enough to look good but still functional. As a general rule, the curtains should be at least two times the width of the window to get a good amount of fullness. For example, if your window measures 116 cm (45.5 inches) wide, you would require at least 232 cm (91 inches) width curtain panels. This will ensure the draperies open and close to fullness so that they do not look pinched and skimpy. So be sure to round up to the next whole number to make sure you have enough coverage and a finished appearance. 

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Curtain Fabric Width Determining Factors

Factors that shop owners must satisfy to ensure the satisfaction of customers, and at the same time, provide the best curtain dimensions in different spaces can be mentioned as follows:

  • Window Width:

For fullness, curtains should be at least two times the width of the window.

For instance, if your window measures 116 cm (45.5 inches) in width, then the curtains should measure a total of at least 232 cm (91 inches).

  • Fabric Type and Thickness:

If the fabric is heavy, you may want to subtract some from your desired curtaining width; if the fabric is lightweight, you might need to allow more fabric to obtain that fullness.

When advising customers, be aware of the weight and drape of the fabric.

  • Curtain Style:

Based on how you want your curtains to hang (or fold or bunch) (straight, gathered, bunched), you will need a certain amount of width.

The look and feel of different styles require a different amount of fabric.

  • Hardware Considerations:

And the type of curtain rods, rings, and other hardware that are used will be a factor in how the fabric hangs and how much is required.

Make sure that the fabric width is compatible with the hardware specs.

From which you can advise your clients these factors, and they can make the right example width of curtain fabric and also ensure that the functionality and style are both exactly covered for their home decor.

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Curtain Fabric Width

How to Measure Curtain Width 

The most crucial aspect is to take accurate measurements while choosing the ideal width of the curtain fabric for your customers. We have prepared an easy guide for store owners wherein you can use these steps to help your customers choose the best curtains.

  1. Take Accurate Measurements:
  • For more precision, use a metal tape measure.
  • Measure the width of the window from one side to the other.
  • Determine the height of the window by measuring from the top to the bottom of the window.
  1. Measure the Height of Your Curtains:
  • Add a few inches to the window’s measurements based on the desired curtain length.
  • For example, for curtains that hang below the window, provide an extra four inches.
  • To find the proper length for floor-length curtains, measure from the window down to the floor, subtract one inch, and add this to the height.
  1. Determine the Final Width:
  • If you are mounting the rod inside the window frame, no extra width is needed.
  • If mounting outside the window frame, add eight inches to the width to allow for the curtain extension on each side.
  • If sizing the curtains to a curtain rod, measure the length of the curtain rod.
  1. Decide on the Number of Panels:
  • For wide windows, consider creating a set of curtains with two or more panels.
  • Calculate the width of each panel by dividing the total width by the number of panels needed.

These steps can help your customers choose the perfect curtain fabric width so that their curtains work great both in terms of appearance and function.

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Curtain Fabric

Al-Nassaj Wholesale Fabric Supplier

In conclusion, choosing the correct curtain fabric width is one of the most essential elements to get right in order to achieve the perfect finish and effect of a space. At Al-Nassaj Wholesale Fabric Supplier, we strive to bring you the best quality fabrics to fulfill the demands of all types of customers. By considering factors such as precise measurements, fabric width, and the overall look and feel, you can produce interior design products for your clients that not only beautify their spaces but also offer functionality and longevity. Trust Al-Nassaj for your wholesale fabric needs, and let us help you deliver excellence in every project.


How wide is curtain fabric?

Most curtain fabric is between 44 inches (112 cm) and 60 inches (152 cm) wide. However, some specialty fabrics can be 108 inches (274 cm) wide, which gives a lot more design freedom and less need for seams.

What is standard fabric width?

Most fabrics come in standard widths – 44-45 inches (112-114 cm) and 54-60 inches (137-152 cm). These are standard widths that are used for various purposes such as curtains, upholstery, and clothing.

How much fabric is required for a curtain?

Curtain fabric calculation: The amount of fabric you need to make a curtain depends on the size of the window and the fullness desired. The accepted standard is to double the width of the window with the fabric in order to get that full, gathered look. To determine the amount of fabric required, measure the width and height of the window, measure the length of the curtain, and be sure to account for the pattern repeat for a patterned fabric. Take the final height and multiply by the number of panels, then divide by 36 (the number of inches in a yard) to find the yardage needed.

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