CEO Biography

Company Founder

Fadi Alahmed

(Founder & GM)

Fadi Al-Ahmad, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “ALNASSAJ Group,” known for its excellence in the manufacturing and trade of furniture and upholstery fabrics, also serves as the CEO of ALNASSAJ factories in China. He is considered a key figure in the world of furniture industry and trade.

Thanks to his courage and strategic thinking, Al-Ahmad is recognized as a distinguished leader on the international stage. He began his professional journey immediately after completing high school, undertaking various business and service projects. In a short period, his ventures expanded significantly.

In the late 1990s, he entered the world of industry by manufacturing men’s clothing. However, the year 2000 marked a turning point in his career when he, along with his family members, established the “ALNASSAJ Group” in Aleppo. Not stopping there, he expanded the group’s activities to include the Arabian Gulf, opening branches in Jeddah and Riyadh as a first step. By 2010, he turned towards China to open the first factories of the ALNASSAJ Group there. He played a crucial role in establishing numerous branches worldwide under the ALNASSAJ Group, forming strategic partnerships with agents and partners globally. This has positioned the group as a leading global company under his leadership.

Tisir Alahmed

(Founder & CEO)

Tisir Al-Ahmad, He is the CEO and one of the founders of ALNASSAJ Group,responsible for the commercial sector of the company. His career embodies ablend of achievements and challenges, marked by successful and fruitful stepsthroughout his professional journey.
Over the years, he played a pivotal role in steering ALNASSAI Group towards excellence and prosperity. With his effective contributions and visian, numerous new branches were opened worldwide, surpassing the geographic boundaries of the parent company. Thanks to his guidance, successful branches were established in diverse regions such as the Gulf, Turkey, as well as in significant countries like Poland, Serbia, Ukraine, and more, By expanding the scope ofoperations into these markets, he contributed to enhancing the company’s global presence and increasing market share.
His professional journey is a summary of challenges turned into opportunities and achievements that have influenced the evolution of the ALNASSAJ Group.

Message About Business Success And Growth

The main objective behind the expansion of the Al-Nassaj Group was to maintain a sustainable relationship between the company and its customers without the need for third parties intervention to complement the product’s industrial process.

With the constant development and continuous success in providing products in the best way – we were keen to meet the needs of customers and different markets with the highest standards of perfection and quality – which resulted in the addition of auxiliary and complementary factories to the production process of fabrics, to reduce the time wasted between various operations and production stages.

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