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What we do


We are doing all kinds of woven, knitted upholstery fabric with high quality following the lates fashion styles to sell it through our branches in several countries or based on our clients requirements.


Chenille is so versatile, almost like a heavy velvet, and one of the best choices for upholstery. We are doing our best to update our collections by the newest designs and colors as well as we are always in Nassaj Group producing the best quality Chenille.

Embroidered Fabric

The embroidery is giving a touch of arts to the upholstery fabrics to make it as wonderful painting, Our designers are embroidery the imaginations on the real fabrics.

Goblin Fabric

Goblin upholstery fabric will leave a butty effect on any furniture. When you go through Nassaj goblin collection, you will be puzzled which design you will choose from among dozens of beautiful designs.


Silken textile fabric having a short dense piled surface. In all probability the art of velvet-weaving originated in the Far East with many types such as Chiffon, Embossed, Hammered, burnout ... any many.

Printed Fabric

In Nassaj Group we know how to draw the almost beautiful designs and attractive colors on our fabrics, It's real high quality upholstery fabrics with attractive designs.

Plain Fabrics

We are producing hundreds of plain fabrics designs and colors as well as embossing, lamination, stamping ... and many effects

Our passion is our vision.


We stand behind our designs and culture. We love what we do, and we do what we love. We understand Upholstery Fabrics.

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We are increasing the production capacity of the group continuously, achieving competitive price locally and globally, Keeping up with the latest designs and Enhancing relations between the Group and its agents, partnerships and friends.

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